About CFO Consulting Group

Since 1997, CFO Consulting Group, Inc. has been helping companies and individuals improve performance by applying a unique and comprehensive combination of services. Our services are organized around three specialty areas: Financial Management, Organizational Development and Strategic Planning.

Clients may focus on the specialized and targeted services that will produce the greatest results, or they may require an integrated approach involving several competencies.

Our client list demonstrates a strong reputation with broad expertise and in-depth experience. Our success is a result of our commitment to our consulting philosophy:

  • We limit the number and types of engagements at any one time so that we can approach each engagement with a maximum level of commitment, energy and resourcefulness.
  • Our service and advice comes from years of first-hand experience in strategically and operationally managing businesses. We know the necessity of integrating processes across functions, management levels, business units and ultimately satisfying various stakeholders’ performance requirements.
  • We do not have a standard methodology or approach. We bring the best of what we’ve learned to each client’s unique situation. Our best is cost-effective, relevant expertise to solve client’s issues in the time period required.
  • We provide tailored services on an “as needed” basis and we make sure that our contributions are comprehensive and long lasting.
Mark Zuroff

Mark Zuroff