Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting helps companies develop and support effective and efficient financial operations that encompass both detailed current operational issues and strategic planning concerns of the CEO and Board. We provide the advanced expertise needed by the company while limiting the cost and commitment of additional senior staff.


Enhancing Finance & Accounting Operations

  • Create budgets, forecasts and business models to enhance management control of current operations, strategic initiatives and major transactions
  • Develop operating policies for critical activities including accounting, control and audit to ensure accurate and compliant reporting to stakeholders
  • Conduct software evaluations, selection and implementation
  • Establish, manage and train in-house accounting, HR and IT staff
  • Manage external professional service firms

Enhancing Profitability and Cash

  • Design cost reduction and working capital programs
  • Analyze, model and support effective pricing and revenue generating initiatives
  • Review all infrastructure costs, contracts and supplier
  • Forecast cash requirements and financing needs

Reporting and analysis

  • Create regular reporting packages of ongoing operations for management and stakeholders
  • Conduct in depth analysis to determine relevant performance criteria/benchmarks to support effective decision making and management control
  • Create analysis and “pitch package” to secure VC, asset-based and conventional financing

Crisis Management

  • Design effective turn-around strategies and assist in their execution
  • Provide critical interface between company and creditors and investors

Supporting and analyzing major transactions

  • Assist CEO in identifying ‘short list’
  • Create book and due diligence packages for major transactions/funding
  • Develop capitalization tables and stock option plans
  • Help create transition plans


  • Start-up venture needs to set up the accounting and financial operations infrastructure
  • Company looking for first or later round financing needs business plan and pro formas
  • Cash-strapped company needs specific plans to improve cash flow
  • Founder/CEO needs business advisor who has done it before
  • Management or investors are ‘nervous’ and want to understand what is happening, what is the profitability level, and where are the skeletons
  • Company needs to determine the impact of doubling or tripling revenue in terms of resources required, infrastructure costs and the plans to get there
  • Emerging growth company needs a part-time CFO/COO to act as the #2 to allow the CEO to remain focused on business development and strategy
  • Current finance staff does not have the technical experience to meet the functions’ needs