Strategic Services

Strategic Consulting helps clients “take their organizations to the next level”. We combine the discipline of planning with our competencies in organizational and financial management to help clients operationalize their strategic thinking and achieve their short- and long-range objectives.


  • Advisory services to the CEO and Board: Provide objective expertise and counsel to Senior and Board management in assessing and deciding among opportunities and direction for the company.
  • Strategic plans (long- and short-range): Conduct planning sessions to develop the strategic plans and translate them into actionable steps.
  • Strategy and operating support for mergers / acquisitions / divestitures: Help the leadership team evaluate and proactively plan for new opportunities and changes.
  • Sourcing and analysis of financing / recapitalization needs: Provide the financial analysis, decision support and sourcing of capital for mid- and long-range objectives.
  • Strategic partner agreements and negotiations: Develop the preliminary agreements and provide support for meaningful dialogue and decision making regarding partnership arrangements.


  • Costs and benefits of merger or strategic partnership opportunities are unclear
  • Financing needs require creating formal business plans and various planning models for review
  • Senior management and Board are not on the same strategic page and need to be in sync
  • Company is just break-even,  and now needs to develop and choose a break out scenario