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The CFO Consulting Group is called upon to assist clients under many different circumstances.

Below are examples of the kinds of issues that often prompt the search for assistance:

The Financial Management Consulting Group Services

  • Start up venture needs to set up the accounting and financial operations infrastructure;
  • Company looking for first or later round financing needs business plan and pro formas;
  • Cash-strapped company needs specific plans to improve cash flow;
  • Founder/CEO is inexperienced at growing the business to the next level and needs business advisor who has done it before;
  • Management or investors are 'nervous' and want to understand what is happening, what is the profitability level, and where are the skeletons;
  • Company needs to determine the impact of doubling or tripling revenue in terms of resources required, infrastructure costs and the plans to get there;
  • Emerging growth company needs a part-time CFO/COO to act as the #2 to allow the CEO to remain focused on business development and strategy;
  • Company is facing a turnaround and needs managerial and analytical support to assess and execute alternatives;
  • Current finance staff does not have the technical experience to meet the functions' needs.

The HR Consulting Group Services

  • Compensation systems are "out of whack" with the market or are not producing the kinds of returns commensurate with the level of investment;
  • Employees don't trust that compensation decisions are made fairly or reward them for performance;
  • Managers don't know how to coach and support the growth of employees;
  • Organizational changes are being met with lots of resistance;
  • Communication and cooperation among team members or across departments is lacking - there is a silo mentality;
  • Declining profits require a downsizing reorganization of remaining functions;
  • The performance management process is approached with dread by managers and employees;
  • The right people may not be in the right roles to support the company's desired direction.

The Strategic Management Consulting Group Services

  • Merger or strategic partnership opportunity has emerged;
  • Financing needs require a formal business plan and various planning models;
  • Senior management team is going in different directions and not seeing the "big picture";
  • The Board does not understand the goals and priorities of the management team;
  • Need to select from various "great" ideas for growth;
  • Company is just break-even, now need to break out.


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