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The CFO Consulting Group sets up appropriate arrangements to fulfill the client's objectives. Below are some of the ways that we arrange for and approach consulting engagements:

The Financial Management Consulting Group Services

Arrangements to meet client's needs:

Project Basis: We scope out the client's needs and develop a proposed action plan with a specified price and time line to deliver results. This arrangement works well for a wide range of projects to support the financial, organizational and strategic planning needs of the client.

Part-time CFO: For growing firms that are not ready to employ a full-time CFO but need CFO expertise to support the company's growth.

Interim CFO: For firms that are experiencing management transition and need CFO expertise to keep the company on track

The HR Consulting Group Services

General approach for engagements:

1. To understand:

  • The current situation - the organizational culture and the systems in place as well as the events that are occurring.
  • The desired situation - the desired work environment, and strategic or operational results.
  • The gap - the amount and nature of the distance between the current and desired situation.

2. To determine appropriate interventions:

  • The supports, experiences, mechanisms, or tools that will help the organization move closer to their desired situation.
  • These interventions are translated into actionable, concrete plans.

3. To implement and manage the interventions:

  • Implementation means quantifiable deliverables and measures of progress.

The Strategic Management Consulting Group Services

General approach for engagements:

We facilitate the development of strategic plans and strategic thinking and translate them into operational objectives and actionable programs across the organization. Our process includes:

Assessing the organization's current reality: Conduct a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). We often conduct interviews or surveys with selected stakeholders to collect primary research.

Clarifying the vision for the future: What is the desired future, what does the organization want to be like and what does it want to be doing? What are the core values that guide its choices?

Identifying critical strategic issues: What issues will have the most impact on the ability to achieve the vision?

Developing strategic goals: What are the goals and action plans to address each strategic issue? (For financial goals, we use custom financial models to develop realistic and concrete financial targets.)

Developing operational plans: The strategic goals and action plans are cascaded down to the departments to form individual action plans.

Monitoring, supporting and celebrating progress: Measurement and communication systems are implemented for each goal to identify success and progress.


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