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The HR Consulting Group


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The HR Consulting Group provides organizational and reward system design services that enhance company effectiveness. The Group's approach involves helping individuals and leadership teams define their objectives and action plans and then develop the specific programs and services to ensure successful implementation.

Organizational Development

  • Organizational Improvement: Research, identify and address organizational effectiveness issues. Conduct assessments that provide a clear picture of the current situation and the action plans to move forward.
  • Planning: Help clients clarify their vision, values, and goals and determine what they need to do to achieve their vision.
  • Team Development: Design and facilitate team-building programs, incorporating insight and action learning.
  • Coaching: Provide executive and performance coaching, using 360 and other assessments. Develop goals and action plans and ensure ongoing focus and progress.
  • Organizational Design: Evaluate organizational structures and designs and recommend alternatives to ensure alignment with the company's culture and desired direction.
  • Management Development: Design and deliver management development training programs. Participants work on actual department challenges so that they are learning while producing important work results.

Compensation and Rewards

  • Base Pay: Evaluate, refine and develop base pay systems, including job documentation, job evaluation, benchmarking / competitive analyses and salary ranges.
  • Incentive Plans: Develop various types of incentive plans for all levels within the organization that reward individuals or teams for desired results.
  • Executive Compensation: Assess the competitiveness of the total compensation package of key executives and design short-and long-term incentive plans that support achievement of key strategies.
  • Recognition Programs: Develop various types of reward and recognition programs that reward individuals or teams for desired behaviors.
  • Custom Surveys: Design and conduct custom compensation surveys to obtain the most relevant information for the client or association.
  • Communication: Develop effective employee communication strategies and content. The communications aspect is critical to the success of any reward program.
  • Implementation: Provide guidance and tools for the successful implementation and ongoing management of compensation programs.
  • Performance Management: Develop customized performance management programs that are linked to the organization's business objectives and support the desired culture. Provide goal setting training and related tools.

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